There are two things you must do as a construction firm and that is to retain your current “A” players and to attract new “A” players – all the time!

The best way to retain your current “A” players or “good people” is to have some type of potential for their careers beyond the position they are in. Most people leave companies because there is no potential or upward mobility beyond their current position. So, you must have in place some type of potential or areas they can move up and advance in your company. Critical.

Second, you have to get creative with your incentives or bonuses structure within your company. If you give year-end bonuses think about giving those out throughout the year? Quarterly? Monthly? Whatever makes sense to your corporation.

This goes for retaining your good people AND attracting future good people. Again, critical. If you’re construction organization needs help with your recruiting, contact our office today and get a FREE consultation.

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Mike Palumbo
Construction Recruiters