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Hi my name’s Matt and I’m the technical talent manager here at 52 Limited. There is a stigma in society about asking for what you want. People think it’s selfish and people carry that through all walks of life and into all sorts of social situations including conversations with your recruiter.

But the fact is you should ask for what you want, it’s not selfish it’s important. If you are in this for the money, if you are only looking to work with a small company, if you hate a particular person at a company that your recruiter is trying to place you at, make sure you let them know. As recruiters we talk to a lot of people and we’ve learned that ultimately honesty is the way to go. If you embellish, if you deceive, if you feel like you have to withhold information to spare our feelings or spare yourself from facing harsh realities.

Then ultimately it turns out to not be the best situation. Be transparent with your recruiter. We are your advocates, we are your allies. We’re not the gatekeepers, we want to find you the best possible opportunity. Make sure that you choose someone that you can trust and have honest conversations with. For more information, subscribe.

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