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If you’re looking for construction recruiters to help your firm grow, you need to contact The Palumbo Company today! The Palumbo Company has been recruiting in the construction industry for over 15 years.

We help our clients fill critical positions at all levels. We establish relationships with our clients. We know our clients and we understand their culture, which is so important when trying to recruit and find good quality candidates today.

As a contractor, attracting and securing the best talent in the industry should be your number one goal. When you have the right people on your staff it makes a huge difference to your bottom line. The construction company with the best people on their staff, “A” players, wins!

At The Palumbo Company our goal is to help your company grow, by attracting the right candidates to your firm, not just “warm bodies” to fill positions. If you’re looking for construction recruiters to help you with your critical needs, contact us today for your FREE consultation.

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