In the past it has been difficult for employees to search for a new job without letting their boss know about, now LinkedIn has offered a new tool that could help with this problem.

If you could let recruiters know you were interested in switching jobs while keeping that information secret from your boss would you do it? In the past this has been a major issue for employees trying to switch jobs or career fields. If you are looking on LinkedIn, for example, you wouldn’t be able to post a resume or announce you are looking for a job without the fear of knowing your boss would be able to see it.

Well LinkedIn has just come out with a new tool that could help with this problem. They now have an open candidate button that you can click on your profile. This button allows you to let recruiters know that you are actively looking for a job change and that you are willing to talk to them about opportunities. And the best part, it keeps it private. No one else, including your boss, will be able to see that you have activated that button.

The other great thing about this secret button is that it will force companies around the world to be more accountable for their employee experience. If organizations are focusing on employee experience and creating a great work culture, they won’t have anything to worry about with this new tool on LinkedIn. Employees who are happy and fulfilled at work won’t feel the need to move jobs. So this new tool will help great talent move to better companies and it will put more pressure on companies to up their game when it comes to employee experience.

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