Headhunter vs. Executive Search Consultant

Who do they work for?

• Headhunter – Always works for the candidates, not the companies.
• Executive Search Consultant – Always works for the companies, not the candidates.

How do they operate?

• Headhunter – Always works on a contingency basis, meaning there is no fee unless you hire a candidate.
• Executive Search Consultant – Never works on a contingency basis and there is always some type of a retainer deposit due before starting any search activities.

How do they recruit?

• Headhunter – Locates candidates by any means necessary and their candidates are mostly unemployed or at the very least, looking for another position.
• Executive Search Consultant – Directly recruits gainfully employed candidates that are not looking.

What about confidentiality?

• Headhunter – Never works on a confidential basis.
• Executive Search Consultant – Always works on a confidential basis.

What about guarantees?

• Headhunter – They do not, and they will not, give any candidate or performance guarantees.
• Executive Search Consultant – Always has some type of candidate guarantees and performance guarantees.

So, you tell me, is there a difference between an Executive Search Consultant and a Headhunter?” Absolutely! Some of the differences may seem minor to you, but believe me, they’re not minor to our clients.

Our clients like us working for them, directly recruiting “A” players from their competition, on a confidential basis, with performance and candidate guarantees once a placement is made.

We establish long-term relationships with our clients. We’re on the same team with the same goals. It’s teamwork all the way!

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Although I could have elaborated on each of these items above, and maybe even added a few more, but I hope this gives you a clear understanding about the differences between an Executive Search Consultant and a Construction Headhunter.

So the next time you need recruiting help at your construction company, make sure you get a true Executive Search Consultant that’s working with a true Construction Executive Search Firm like, The Palumbo Company!

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo
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