JobAdder allows you to customise the talent acquisition process to how it best fits your business. Discover how to set up, personalise and assign internal ratings to candidates.

Currently used by over 1,400 companies every day, JobAdder is an advanced recruitment software solution built 100% in the cloud. This affordable system is a great option for small and growing recruiting agencies, as well as in-house HR teams looking to optimise their recruiting efforts.

Sophisticated Applicant Tracking functionality allows users to post jobs to their own website and to a variety of job boards and social media platforms. All candidates can be tracked and managed from a user-friendly dashboard, and all recruitment data stored securely within the system..

As JobAdder is entirely cloud-based, the platform is fully accessible from everywhere on any mobile device. All of JobAdder’s robust features and integrations can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet, which makes it the perfect option for recruiters on the go!

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JobAdder’s advanced job posting technologies are fully integrated into the software. Once an ad is created, users can pick the job boards on which to post it, and with a single click the ad can be pushed to over 200 job boards and social media sites.

Once the job ad is live, JobAdder makes it easy to track and manage all open positions. Applications are automatically imported into the system and from there recruiters can review cover letters and resumes online, eliminating a lot of the manual admin and paperwork associated with recruitment. JobAdder also offers customisable SMS and email templates.

Data import and migration into JobAdder is managed with ease by our skilled Data Migration team, talk to us to find out how or visit

Users can customise the software’s sleek and efficient folder system to effectively organise everything from mailing lists to prospects to individual talent pools, plus much more. In fact, all of JobAdder’s pageviews are 100% customisable using drag-and-drop and resizing features.

JobAdder offers free and unlimited support to all of their clients, via phone, email and LiveChat. We recommend JobAdder to any company looking for an intuitive, cost-effective way to recruit the best talent.

– Careers portal for your website
– Task management
– Gmail / O365 Extension / Social
– SMS integration
– TimeAdder – online timesheet management
– Share candidates with hiring managers

– Phone, email and LiveChat support
– Online Help Center
– Online training videos

— JOBS —
– Job posting to job boards
– Job posting to social media sites
– Job management
– Job ad templates
– Online candidate submissions
– Job ad quota management
– Note tracking
– Placement fee splits
– Placement management

– Candidate management
– Resume parsing
– Bulk email communications
– Advanced candidate searching
– One-click candidate rating
– Customisation of email templates
– Bulk status updates
– Candidate de-duplication
– Candidate merging
– Bulk note entry
– Note tracking
– Placements
– Online screening questions
– Job applicant auto response emails

– Company and contact management
– Company hierarchies
– Customisation of email templates
– Bulk status updates
– Bulk note entry
– Note tracking

– Create and manage tasks
– Assign tasks to other users
– Link tasks to candidates, jobs, companies and contacts
– Set task priorities
– Pop-up task reminders
– View tasks in list or calendar view
– Drag and drop tasks in calendar view
– View tasks in your mobile apps

—- SEARCH —-
– Search resume keywords
– Advanced candidate search on all fields
– Search by zipcode/postcode proximity
– Automatic ranking of search results
– Search companies, contacts, jobs and job applications
– Add candidates from LinkedIn
– Integrated SEEK Profile search
– Search resumes on Monster and Careerbuilder
– Saved Searches

– iOS app
– Android app
– Mobile-friendly job application forms

– Manage all list values
– Add / remove users
– Manage job boards and user quotas
– Customise your recruitment workflow
– Set up timezones
– Unlimited custom fields