You have to attract new talent to your company, but most importantly you have to keep your excellent “A” players on your staff. How retaining employees to your company is crucial to your success.

As a professional recruiter the number one thing that candidates tell us during the recruiting process is they “Just don’t feel wanted or needed” or “They don’t feel respected at their current company” basically a variation of those phrases, not in any particular order.

You have to shower your employees with gratitude whenever they are involved in projects or programs where they had a direct impact on your bottom line. Why? Why not? What is a company? A combination of people. That’s it!

The people you have on your staff make the difference in your company. That’s it! Not the building. Not the computers. Not the software. Not the equipment. Nothing else but the quality of the staff you have. So, what’s the answer to retaining your employees?

Make them feel wanted! Believe it or not, making them feel wanted, needed, and an integral part of the team. Retaining employees to your company really isn’t anything more that treating your people right and making them feel wanted and needed. I hope this helps.

Good luck to you!

Mike Palumbo